Weight Loss

In our opinion education and a sustainable strategy is paramount to succeed for weight loss. If you have tried every ‘diet’ under the sun and never succeeded in maintaining your weight loss then this is primarily because it was not a sustainable or realistic method. An eating plan that results in rebound weight gain did not ‘work’! We aim to cause minimal disruption to your daily habits. However, we would like to help you to understand why your current habits are not working for you. This is part of our educational process that results in long-term weight management.


During an initial consultation, of one hour, we shall conduct body statistics and explain, in detail, how our method works. Once we have agreed on realistic goals for the eight week period, you shall then receive daily support. Your mentor is there to ensure that you keep on track to our agreed targets and is one of the main contributions to the success of our method. We have an extremely highly success rate. The final stage is a follow up consultation to review your results and to assist you with your goals going forward.


The people pictured below are some of our recent successes from Winter 2023

Eight Week Nutritional Plan – Including initial consultation, daily support and follow up consultation: £200

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